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About Us

CTRM Advisory was established by Tony Walker following twenty eight years of commodity market experience. During this time he worked at Cargill, Enron, Nidera, Cofco International and commodity hedge funds. 

Today, CTRM Advisory can provide expertise across the entire commodity business spectrum and has the capability to deploy resources quickly, ensuring the best people are focused on finding your business solution. 

We have implemented many new initiatives including:

  • Bespoke risk framework construction covering market, credit and operational risk
  • Design and Implementation of global market-risk limit structures with monitoring across multiple physical and derivative trading books 
  • Restructuring of end-to-end (trading desk to financial reporting) process flow to ensure transparency, cost efficiency, necessary controls and full segregation of duty. 
  • Compliant management of trade flows and payment involving sanctioned countries, entities and individuals
  • Compliant reporting measures for CFTC, EMIR and MFID
  • Derivative agreements and structures to maximise working capital availability and minimise supply chain financing cost
  • Analysis and application of most effective hedging methodologies, including illiquid or uncorrelated physical markets
  • Production of pre-trade potential future exposure credit risk models in a global agri-supply business
  • Use of KRI (Key Risk Indicator) values to ensure better monitoring of operational performance and implementation of continuous business improvement

We have also discovered and dealt with many difficult to solve issues such as:

  •  Untangling moderate and large commodity market fraud cases
  •  Insurance scams and product appropriation including vessel piracy
  • Trader forward curve manipulation and profit/loss misrepresentation
  • Unwinding of over complex derivative portfolios while preserving value
  • Aversion of illiquid product portfolio unwind disasters
  • Distressed sale of contaminated product minimising loss
  • Emergency reporting disaster recovery after failure of critical IT infrastructure


If you have a problem to solve or need an independent set of experienced eyes to assess your current process then please get in contact.