Commodity Trading & Risk Management
Solution providers 

CTRM Advisory has expanded and merged with another consultancy specializing in the Energy space. As of September 1st 2022 we have become one company called Konnerco. 

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CTRM Advisory is committed to helping commodity companies better understand and manage risks

CTRM Advisory works with commodity supply chain and trading companies helping them to increase efficiency, minimize uncertainty and maximise profit opportunity. 

We differentiate ourselves by our expertise which has been gained through real World experience. We offer practical, cost effective and implementable advice and solutions.  

Whether it concerns softs, energy, raw materials or related currency exposure, we can offer you the following:

  • An evaluation of end-to-end trade processes to enable proper control and separation of tasks
  • Global and local policy frameworks for market, credit and operational risk 
  • Advice and set up of trading books and limit structures 
  • Hedging strategies to protect margin profitability, limiting downside price risks
  • Independent advice and assessment of CTRM and data management solutions
  • Consolidation of company data into meaningful management reports 
  • Identification of key risk indicators to target problem areas
  • Products for more effective hedging and more efficient use of working capital
  • Discreet investigation into the manipulation of trade books or other non-compliant activities